Friday, October 11, 2013

4 Straight-Forward Ways to Tackle Bullies

Bullying in schools is well known to most of us. We still remember the big muscular gym guy at high school used to create problems for us again and again. Though, by the end of our study most of us overcome from those horrible memories. However, that doesn’t mean that we will never be a victim of bullying ever after leaving schools. Today, bullying has become so common, from a hectic boss, a colleague, or to a strange person on the road, you can find a bully crossing your paths anywhere — until you stand up against it, the only solution. Here in this article, we have put four ultimate ways to handle bully and bullying:  
1. Know the bullying and bully

You may find people around you calling bulling as a part of cool lifestyle. But it is not. It can be any other mental disease or disorder which is curable. Plus, you may catch recognizing and feeling no guilty about being a bully, and accepting it as just a part of their character. So, first of all you should understand the bullying and bullies properly.

2. Show Robust Resistance 

Undoubtedly, it can be risky for anyone to make its battle known against bullying, though it is worth taking this risk. Standing against bullying right from the first moment you realize you are being infringed by a bully may keep you away from a lifelong distress. So, whether it would come on the coast of two-three or more kicks on your back, be assertive.

3. Make Him Feel Shame 

It’s a courageous act but is more likely to bring dramatic changes in the nature and character of bully. You can pick a number of ways to do it: a social boycott, publically laugh off at him, or an openly exclusion of the bully. Howbeit, be careful, as if such options not performed carefully, you could find some more blow of punches as a result.   
4. At last, Attack is the only defense

There may arrive few situations when you find nothing left, in such situation let your hands learn the bully a lesson - attack the bully directly. Find out his soft nerves and weaker points you can easily target and, the very next time you find him approaching you, go for a robust physical encounter.

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